"I visited Carol for my first-ever Reiki & Sound Healing session. I expected to just feel relaxed - but this turned out to be a very powerful experience. The combination of Carol's hands and the vibration of the bowls affected my energy at the deepest level. It is honestly hard to even put into words. After the session, Carol shared a number of intuitive impressions that were astonishingly spot-on. I left glowing, aligned and blissful. Carol is a gifted healer and intuitive. I cannot recommend a session with her enough! "

Amy D.
Summit, NJ

"Taking Reiki 1 & 2  on Zoom with Carol was by far one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first given the Covid situation but Carol made the experience wonderful & her classes exceeded my expectations. Our weekly Zoom meetings quickly became the highlight of my week.  Carol’s expertise and warm & engaging demeanor create a space where we can learn not only from her but from each other. Our group quickly bonded together and Carol’s amazing teaching approach fostered a beautiful sense of community.  Her knowledge of Reiki is amazing and she is always able to explain the principles and practices in ways that are realistic and relatable.  I recommend that anyone who is interested in Reiki take Carol’s classes!!!"

Summit, NJ

I am blessed beyond understanding working with Carol. I have completed both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with her on Zoom and feel honored to have learned from such a compassionate and intuitive teacher. Upon meeting Carol, I immediately felt at ease as her energy filled me with love. Although I completed the coursework, she continues to answer my endless amount of questions and continue to learn from her. If you are searching for a Reiki teacher, don’t look any further. I cannot ask a more perfect teacher. She has been a gift to my world.

Woodland Park, NJ

I loved taking Carol's Reiki I and Reiki II courses on Zoom this spring. She's a very gifted teacher and a lovely, nurturing person. I now practice Reiki at home...Carol's course gave me a wonderful, positive way to connect with my family!  I'm someone who always has cold hands - when I practice Reiki, they become very warm - incredible. I'm so grateful to have taken the classes during quarantine - the weekly sessions were a calming, healing highlight during these tough times.  

Allison F
Summit, NJ

I have been going to Carol for Reiki for a year. She has seen me through heartbreak, joy, and everything in between. Not only is she a powerful vessel for Reiki healing energy and intuitively knows what I need most in every session, but her spiritual messages for me are always spot on. She is a true light in my life and her energy and intention are always deeply rooted in love and compassion.

Donna Michelle Morristown, NJ

Carol is a wonderful, generous practitioner offering her clients the ability to receive her healing energy and peace.  Her therapeutic aura enhances her clients ability to “receive” all that she has to give... a gifted practitioner...

Allison L.
Summit, NJ

Carol has a gift for genuine connection and healing. My first Reiki session with Carol was so nurturing, supportive and lasting. I felt deeply renewed for days following her services. My second session included singing bowls with the Reiki, an experience which I highly recommend. The vibration of the bowls penetrates deep and sweetly relaxes the entire body and mind. Everyone should try her art!

Karen R. Basking
Ridge, NJ

I studied Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with Carol last year.  I was having a terrible time sleeping and thought it might help.  It not only helped me with my insomnia but worked on many levels both physical and emotional.  Carol is a very generous teacher, sharing not only her knowledge but her own experiences with the journey Reiki takes you on.  She sets an atmosphere both calming and invigorating.  Combining Reiki training with inner work for self-discovery was very enriching.  Carol makes learning fun as well and our class grew very close during the course.  I highly recommend Carol as a teacher and practitioner.  My Reiki sessions with her are pure and life-changing.  She brings out the best in people.

Norma D.
Chatham, NJ

Carol’s reiki sessions have truly brought so much peace into my life. It’s such a blessing to know her and have the privilege to be healed by her! Carol is the real deal and can tap into exactly what you need. She is so insightful and kind. When I leave my reiki sessions I feel like I’m floating. The store, Badawang Art,  itself is beautiful, so many eccentric and beautiful items.  Carol is very knowledgable regarding crystals, their purpose, and how to care for them. One of my favorite places - ever! It’s a 10/10 from me - definitely try it out!  

Kelly A.
Elizabeth, NJ

I had the pleasure of taking both Reiki I and 2 with Carol, and it was a wonderful experience. I took the course to be able to do my own shielding work, and to be able to clear my own energy in between my own Reiki sessions. Carol has so much respect and reverence for this beautiful, ancient tradition which comes through in her presentation and teaching of it, and the small group environment made it possible to share our experiences and connect to each other over the course of the month we spent together. I highly recommend anyone that would like to learn more about this ancient healing modality to allow Carol to be their guide.

Dana C.
Summit, NJ

Carol truly has a special gift incorporating Reiki with the singing bowls. After only my first session, I found such inner peace. It was really the step I needed to take to begin my own transformation. Carol radiates such love and affection that I feel like I have known her forever. I feel blessed to have her in my life and to have experienced these incredible sessions. I highly recommend Carol and gifting yourself this truly special experience.

Laurie D. Driggs,
ID & Summit, NJ

Carol was born to do this folks. Quite undoubtedly a Tibetan healer in a past life, Carol fluidly moves around her gorgeous singing bowls and chimes. Playing with both ease and intuition, she combines the session with a energetic touch of Reiki. Sometimes the bowls are placed upon your chakras (who knew one could self-balance a bowl on one’s solar plexus) and with each strike and rim one can literally feel the cells and core aligning within. No two sound baths are the same and Carol will always leave me coming back for more.

Kathy T.
Kenilworth, NJ

Two years ago I was introduced to Carol Schoffmann by a mutual friend, and for the first time  personally experienced Reiki healing .  Needless to say that experience led me to seek out Reiki training with Carol.  It was a gentle, yet introspective process that built experience and knowing of the Reiki way.  I since have taken Reiki III Master Level with Carol.  Her way of teaching is kind, patient and pervasive.  She coaches and guides her students to find their path of Reiki practice.  I highly recommend Carol as a Reiki instructor. In her you too will find a wonderful guide, friend and mentor.

Annette J.
Whippany, NJ

I have had transformative Reiki sessions with Carol for almost a year now. It only seemed natural to ask if she could do an energy clearing on my home. She came fully prepared with numerous bells, stones, sage, incense and a candle. After going through every corner of my home twice and then having a mini meditation session, I can honestly feel a positive energy shift. She has brought hope and joy into my house and I look forward to when she can come again.

Alison B.
Summit, NJ

I’ve been going to Carol for reiki treatments for over 3 months now and have found them to be extremely helpful.  As someone who deals with anxiety and a stressful job as a senior research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, I have found that alternative treatment, such as reiki, helps quiet my overactive mind and puts my body in a deep, relaxed state that is essential for healing.  Carol is a compassionate healer who takes the time before each session to discuss any concerns I may have.  She provides a soothing, peaceful and sacred space for treatment.  She recently started combining Tibetan singing bowls with reiki.  I have found the healing to be even more powerful, and I would encourage anyone to try them both. My last two treatments were extraordinary because the intentions that Carol and I set prior to treatment manifested within just a few days if not hours.  So in addition to the physical healing I received, things in life that were “out of balance” and contributing to my anxiety and stress were suddenly addressed so that I could move on.  After such positive experiences, I would definitely recommend Carol to anyone wanting to try reiki and Tibetan singing bowl treatment.

Caroline D.
Morristown, NJ

It was my fortune to receive a Reiki/Singing Bowl session with Carol.  After that, I experienced releases on both physical & emotional levels.  On an emotional level, Carol was able to access some deep seated ‘wounds' that I didn’t truly acknowledge to myself.   I had submerged some losses I have been through in the past year, or maybe more accurately, years which still needed to be ‘mourned’. On a physical level, after some time had passed, I noticed that my chronic shoulder pain, which I have been plagued with since 2015, was GONE! I am very grateful for the benefits of my session.  I would highly recommend Carol’s healing hands & sound therapy.

Amy T.

New Providence, NJ

A year ago, I decided that I wanted to learn to love myself. Before my 30th birthday, I wanted to look in the mirror and love the person staring back at me instead of ripping her apart. I changed my diet and worked out everyday, but I knew that wasn't going to be enough - I was still sad. I quickly figured out that I also needed to love from within in order to find true happiness.  My mom has been doing Reiki with Carol for years and suggested that I try it. I saw how much Carol helped her, but being skeptical, I didn't understand how energy could heal or help someone. I didn't know how it could provide peace or a new perspective, but it's your mom so you do what she says. After my first session Iunderstood. There was no judgement, no lecture, no questions, just a safe space for me to sit long enough to steady my mind and think about the person I wanted to become and why. The truth was, it was always within me, just clouded by the stress and anxiety life brings.  Every session, I was able to see what I needed to do in my journey to get closer to my goal. Carol helped ground me and  her energy provided me with clarity. I decided to be positive, let go of the past and the things you can't change, move my bedroom furniture around, build a better relationship with my sister, start yoga teacher training and than surely enough, I started to like the person staring back at me a little bit more each day. It's been a year and my whole life has changed. I can honestly look in the mirror now and love who I see. It took me 29 years, but I realized that the person you were doesn't always have to be who you are. You can change. You can be and do anything you want.  As Carol and I's connection grew stronger, she was also able to see things during our sessions. We would share what we saw and now they are usually one in the same. She has grown to be a friend and I'm so grateful to have her in my life. She is truly an amazing person. I am so excited for our many sessions to come. Reiki was more than I ever thought it could be. I am so glad that I gave it chance.

Sage L.
New York, NY

I wanted to extend a warm hello and to thank you for working with me. I frequent your beautiful shop in Summit and I also live in Summit. I have always found rare gifts,   treasures (beautiful Tibetan bowl)  and jewelry for my family and friends. You had a flyer posted that you offered services of reiki and healing sessions.  Well, I am entering my 60th year of life. Upon reading your flyer, I realized I still needed to heal some troubling aspects of my younger childhood years that lately have been ever present my heart. My younger year trauma's have left in me a sense of bitterness and resentfulness.  Although I mask it with humor and at this age I believe all is well,  I now have a cancer that I am dealing with.  My bitterness has invited this!! I decided to call you and made an apt with you for Reiki and the wonderful Tibetan bowls that I love and welcome--I love the sound it is very healing for me when you use them on me during my session. I find you are very intuitive and seem to know exactly what I need in terms of my healing session with you.  Thank you also for allowing me to speak from my heart and never judging me based on the experiences that I have shared with you from my childhood.  Thank you, kindly and warmly.

Summit, NJ